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Our range includes eco-friendly coffins made from untreated wood, natural fibres and cardboard. We also offer items made from noble and exotic woods, as well as coffins with a contemporary design. Our offer is supplemented by a wide choice of urns and reliquaries
Our funerary items

Our coffins

Varied range of coffins and sarcophagi. We have items made from wicker, Belgian wood, tropical essences and precious woods. We make sure to offer you ecological and environmentally friendly solutions.
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Urns and reliquaries

Exclusive selection of urns and reliquaries made from various materials. Wide additional choice on request.
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Personalize the coffin

Personalize the coffin

Coffins and urns can be personalised in different ways. A denominational sign and/or flag can of course be put in place. Some people choose to have them painted in a specific colour, or to have them decorated by the family during the ceremony or the vigil (a few words, collages, drawings, etc.). You can also decide to print a personal picture on the wood.

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Our funeral packages based on our experience contain the indispensable for the proper organization of the last tribute to your loved one.

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Discover our services in detail so that you can choose the package that best suits your wishes.

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Traditional coffins made of noble, exotic and ecological wood, contemporary, made of cardboard or natural fibre composites as well as a wide choice of urns and reliquaries.

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